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Healthcare IT totally lost?

Today most health care is focusing on Telehealth, digital-first, and virtual care solutions, however, with growing buzz these words are no jargon in the present scenario. The pursuit of the healthcare industry after these trends overlooks basic underlines of improved quality, speed, price factors of coordinated patient flow, and synchronized...

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Data Science in Healthcare

Data Science is the “next big thing” and is a vogue word that almost everyone talks about these days. With the involvement of new technologies, Data science is rapidly growing in various sectors from Automotive Industry to Healthcare and pharmaceuticals. One of the superior reasons why Data Scie...

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Impact of digital
transformation in healthcare

Health is a personal asset and the spectrum of care that will continue to grow from preventative, diagnostic, and treatment areas. Across the demand points of consumer, employers, a....

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Security In IoT Forensics

Internet of Things, or IoT, has found its application in all areas of life. IoT devices have proven to be extremely beneficial in performing a variety of tasks. In addition to this, they have proven to serve another purpose; the purpose of providing digital evidence. IoT devices are becoming digital eyewitnesses in today...

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